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About Karoline

Karoline Lewis is a theologian, speaker, teacher, author, and preacher. In addition to presenting at conferences, workshops, and retreats, she provides personal coaching in preaching and leadership to individuals, faith communities, and churches.


As Professor of Biblical Preaching and The Marbury E. Anderson Chair of Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minn., Karoline believes that those who will stand in the pulpits of the future church need to renew their trust in the Bible. A biblical text ought to be something more than a jumping-off point to doctrine or other random topics in a sermon. It should be our first and foremost resource for thinking theologically and making sense of the world.

The future of homiletics is biblical preaching and being able to interpret biblical texts into the lives of congregations. This allows the text to become the shaping, forming, living word of God that it’s meant to be. The sermon needs to be the very living presence of Jesus and God.


“I love the interactions with students—conversations outside the classroom, what they’re thinking, how they’re processing things, their struggles, how they’re trying to put all these things together. I find it extraordinarily rewarding thing to be a part of student formation.”

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