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Karoline Lewis is a teacher and a leader.


Karoline takes biblical texts seriously and believes that biblical preaching can transform lives. As a speaker, she is engaging, knowledgeable, and authentic. Karoline is an experienced preacher, adult education presenter, conference speaker, and retreat facilitator.

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  • How to Hear a Sermon

  • Recovering the Wonder of the Bible

  • Translating the Bible: What Bible Should I Read?

  • Bible Basics

  • How the Bible Came to Be

  • Why We Don’t Read the Bible and Why We Should

  • How to Read the Bible

  • The Bible as the Word of God

  • Top Ten Things You Need to Know When Reading the New Testament

  • The Beginning of the Good News … Getting to Know the Gospel of Mark

  • Good News for the Poor: The Gospel According to Luke

  • John’s Story of Jesus

  • Christmas in John’s Gospel

  • Wine, Water Jars, and Witness: The Women of John’s Gospel

  • A Samaritan and a Savior: One Woman’s Encounter with Jesus

  • Come and See: Jesus’ Conversations with Women as Transformative Encounters

  • Preaching in the #MeToo World

  • Unlocking Your Power as a Women in Ministry

  • Women Leading: Biblical Perspectives on the Femininity of Power

  • The Passion Narratives:  The Seven Last Words of Jesus

  • Paul:  Apostle, Pastor, Prophet

  • The Book of Revelation:  Final Tribulation or Testament to Hope?

  • Seven Steps Toward Vital Preaching

  • Preaching and Awe-Filled Worship

  • The Word of God and the Authority of Scripture

  • “…to the ends of the earth.” The Acts of the Apostles

  • It’s Not All About the Sermon: Preaching and Liturgical Context

  • Getting to Know God: Learning and Living God’s Story

  • What is "Biblical" About Biblical Preaching?

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