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Karoline Lewis is a teacher, preacher, and leader.


Karoline takes biblical texts seriously and believes that biblical preaching can transform lives. As a speaker, she is engaging, knowledgeable, and authentic. Karoline is an experienced preacher, adult education presenter, conference speaker, and retreat facilitator.

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​Karoline offers a number of presentations on preaching, including basics of biblical preaching, how to hear a sermon, and why preaching matters for the church.



As a New Testament scholar, Karoline can speak about how to read the Bible, how the Bible came to be, as well as specific topics such as the Gospels, Paul, and New Testament themes. Her special area of focus is the Gospel of John.

Women in Ministry

Karoline is deeply committed to the joys and challenges when it comes to women in ministry. She leads retreats, workshops, and conferences that seek to empower women in ministry and to facilitate conversations around sexism in the church. 


​Karoline believes that leadership in the church should be distinctively biblical and theological. She helps church leaders discover what is at stake for their leadership and the particular theological commitments on which they basis their leadership.


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Preaching Moment 046: Karoline Lewis

Preaching Moment 046: Karoline Lewis