SHE: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Ministry

"SHE" provides theoretical, theological, and practical frameworks and strategies for flourishing as a woman in ministry and engages critical reflection on the practice of ministry in light of current feminist theory, biblical interpretation, and experience. A trusted and comprehensive resource for women in ministry, equipping them to thrive in their places of call, and for the men who serve alongside them. 

Karoline is a professor at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minn. You can find her insights, ideas, and inspiration related to the coming week's lectionary texts in her weekly column, "Dear Working Preacher."


Karoline is also the author of two books. "John," a 2011 preaching commentary that takes a deeper look into the Gospel of John. In 2016, she explored the experiences and challenges women in ministry face in "SHE: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Ministry." She has also written essays, articles, and web posts. Find a complete list of Karoline's contributions here.

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