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"I won’t be able to look at preaching the same way again. I’m a better preacher now than I was last Sunday"

—UCC Pastor

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Empowering leaders in ministry

Karoline Lewis is a theologian, speaker, teacher, scholar, author, and preacher. She answered a calling to pursue theology, preaching, and teaching 25 years ago. Her experiences ignited a passion to empower leaders in the church to find fulfillment in their calling, too. The heart of her work is helping church leaders realize or rediscover their true voices and joyfully embody their roles as spiritual leaders. She offers personalized consulting and coaching toward a deeper grounding in theology and practice to enhance preaching and leadership skills. Karoline is committed to advocacy, accompaniment, and affirmation for leaders who seek to lead others with compassion, integrity, and confidence.

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For leaders called to ministry in the church. For leaders needing support to continue ministry. For leaders who want to advocate for other leaders in ministry. 


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